Open Kitchen

Watching chefs do their thing on TV has obviously boosted the fascination with what goes on in restaurant kitchens. As diners grew obsessed with celebrity chefs and the creative ways fresh and exotic ingredients were being combined, consumers increasingly came to view the flames and steam and clattering in the kitchen as part of the “show” of dining out.

The sounds, the smells, and the sights of cooking can really help you work up an appetite. Unfortunately in a lot of event space the “cooking” they do is more like putting together a science experiment. To that end, C.L.A.S.S. Private Soiree is designed with a kitchen that’s open to the entire party. It’s just that now, the open kitchen is being embraced not simply for practical reasons but as a way to entertain and make dinners comfortable.

Transparency one of the biggest service trends and more event venues will follow the trend of open kitchens as a way of the chefs showing off their culinary skills. But we are first!